Advances in Myositis Treatment

Researchers are making some progress in understanding what happens in myositis and what goes wrong with the immune system. Currently they believe that the muscle fibres in some people with myositis are damaged by a group of cells called lymphocytes which make up part of the immune system. Researchers also are studying the possibility that certain autoantibodies may travel through the blood and cause damage to the muscle. Other researchers are studying how many different forms of myositis exist and how they are different from one another in their cause and treatment. Musculoskeletal system disorder is another of its kind. Other disorders caused by it also include arthritis. They not only cause internal damages but also cause different skin infections. As scientists get closer to understanding the process leading to muscle damage in the different forms of myositis they can hope to find new ways of stopping the harmful actions. With the scientific progress that has been made in recent years people with myositis have reason to share that hope. Research holds the key to better ways to prevent diagnose and control myositis.

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  • Inclusion body myositis treatment
  • Viral myositis treatment
  • Tension myositis syndrome treatment
  • Advances in myositis diagnosis

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