Holistic Approach and Alternative Myositis Treatment Strategies

Therapies for accelerating muscle regeneration, primarily through inhibition of

myostatin, have shown promise in the laboratory and are now entering clinical trials.

Recent studies have implicated autophagy, a key cellular process involved in clearance of ubiquitinated aggregates, in the pathogenesis of familial and sporadic inclusion body myositis (sIBM). IBM has joined a growing list of diseases known as TDP-43 proteinopathies, in which this protein becomes mislocalized to the cytoplasm; however, it is unclear whether these protein aggregates or others are pathogenic in this disease. New discoveries of biomarkers in sIBM and new insights into the pathogenesis of familial IBM are opening novel therapeutic pathways for these disorders. In particular, drugs that stimulate autophagy, already in development for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, are candidates for clinical trials. These disease-specific therapies combined with novel therapies to accelerate muscle regeneration hold promise for future therapy for this devastating disease.

  • Chronic muscle inflammationHealing and wellness myositis treatment
  • Spiritual myositis treatment
  • Traditional and alternative medicine
  • Myositis nutrition management
  • Natural remedies and herbs
  • Complimentary treatment methods
  • Chair yoga for myositis
  • Natural therapy for polymyositis

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